Kick My Tires!

Every fundraising project has a Campaign Manager (Mgr), group Members, and often a few tech-savvy Smart Cookies who e-mail, text mail, and twitter. Our unique website platform lets each have specific permissions to do things at your website and at the platform level underneath.

Campaign Manager (Mgr) has the most permissions. Mgr can see all members' records, all sales transactions, and track website traffic. Mgr can also create content, broadcast messages to all group members with a single e-mail, invite others to join the group, and decide which permissions other group members can have.

Kick the Mgr tires for any one of the demo campaigns by logging in with the campaign's 3 letter ID plus "Mgr" (PHS Mgr; AMC Mgr; ORC Mgr) and use the password: letmein.

Once you are logged in as the campaign manager of one of the demo campaigns...Now kick the tires!

  • Click on each of the links to the right and see what you can do.
  • Click on the tabs at the top of a new page to access more information.

For example to see all sales transactions:

  1. Click on members link at the right to go to the list of all group members.
  2. Click on a single member then click on the "order" tab to see his/her list of orders.
  3. Click on an order number and see the exact details of that sale.

Use the Back Arrow at the top left corner of the main window to return to previous pages.