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Our Goal

A fundraising thermomter showing the proportion of the goal reached with the dollars raised to date for the Home campaign.
Aloebusta Methodist Youth for World Awareness Group
Neuago Village Farmers
$7,000 USD

The Aloebusta Youth Group learned about the Neuago Village farmers in their World Aware program participation. When Donny and Marie later went to visit the Neuago village, they learned just how important clean water can be for a healthy village.

We need to raise $7,000 by March 20th in order to place the order, take delivery, and send the high-efficiency bicycle-driven waterpump to the village in time for the next growing season.

Show your Aloebusta Methodist Spirit! Buy as many soywax candles as you can afford and help our kids help the Neuago villagers. Farmer-to-farmer, we'll make our World a better place to live.


Aloebusta Methodist Youth to Help Neuago Farmers

Our church Youth Group has a unique opportunity to help a "buddy church" in Africa that needs fresh water. Give them a hand to make a real difference.

Africa water shortage dire says UN

A recent article in the Earth Times web site reports that Africa faces dire water shortages for between 75 and 250 million people in addition to crop shortages during the current century at the present rate of global warming, according to a report released Friday in Brussels. "New studies confirm that Africa is one of the most vulnerable continents to climate variability and change because of multiple stresses and low adaptive capacity," the IPCC said.

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AMC Waterpumps Campaign

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