Our Internet Platform

The Power of Story and Games

www.FunFunFundraising.com — our web platform designed, developed, and constantly enhanced by FunFun Jim — is "story-driven" and "game oriented." This means that the stories of who/how and why a producer makes fundraising products and who/how and why a fundraising group is raising its funds are pretty important.

Your campaign supporters will see that their purchase has a wide impact on so many in this WIN-WIN-WIN environment.

The "game" part of the platform focuses on the friendly competitions you can have us set up for you. It is always much more fun to compete to see who can raise, sell or buy the most and it increases your fundraising results. Over time we will bring out new games to increase success in your fundraising campaigns.

Our unique fundraising platform is built with Open Source software and is based on work that FunFun Jim and FunFun Timlynn have been developing since 1998. It is a key part of your fundraising project. Kick our Tires! The How-To content in the side-bars on this Demo website will help you explore the features and benefits we can bring to your next fundraising campgaign.