FunFunFundraising at Your Service!

Fundraising Today

In today's economy raising funds is more challenging than ever. But raising funds is also much more exciting today than it was even just a few years ago. You have so much more choice in the:

  • products you can offer
  • type of campaign you use
  • how you set up your campaign
  • how you use your campaign as a learning and skill-building experience (especially in the classroom and job-change program)
  • tools available to help you

Our Mission will help you take advantage of today's fundraising options to:

  • generate the most successful campaign possible
  • develop an on-line website to produce a steady stream of funding throughout the year
  • use games and stories to have a lot of fun raising your funds

Our WIN-WIN-WIN Strategy

We bring together independent small businesses making interesting products and fundraising customers from small and mid-sized towns and rural communities.

We work hard to find unique products that have an interesting who/how or why story. We offer them to schools, clubs, churches and civic organizations that need to raise funds for their interesting agendas. Both sides have important stories to tell about what they are doing.

The small business WINS with volume business and loyal customers. The fundraiser WINS with a growing selection of interesting products to sell and a 24/7/365 fundraising website. Campaign supporters WIN by purchasing products that are much more interesting than the typical fundraising popcorn, candy or cookie dough. It's a WIN-WIN-WIN environment!